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Wise Anti Malware PRO v2.2.1.110 Full Version Download

Wise Anti Malware PRO v2.2.1.110

Download Wise Anti Malware PRO v2.2.1.110 Full Version . We Just Updated Wise Anti Malware PRO v2.2.1.110 key 2019 In This Update

Wise Anti Malware safeguards your PC in real time against viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, and even phishing attempts. With Wise Anti Malware, you’ll benefit from three shields in the form of Malware Detection, Adware Detection, and Registry Protection, which protects against programs adding unwanted startup items to your system.

Talking about user interface, the Wise Anti Malware comes with a modern look. Its pretty clean and neat. There are 4 main menu at the top of the main window. Quick Check, Malware Scanner, System Cleaner and Adware Cleaner. Yes, it comes with free system cleaner and Adware cleaner. It’s the Best Anti Malware Software of 2019.

The most important feature of Wise Anti Malware is real-time protection, which is considered as the first guard to defend your PC against Malware threads. It has three shields, Malware detection, Adware detection, and Registry protection.
Malware shield: Detect and block malware threats.
Adware shield: Detect and block AD windows.
Registry shield: Detect and prevent programs from adding new startup items into the registry.

Anti Malware Pro Key Features :

Gives Best Real-time Time Protection against Threats
Virus Cleaner Tool
Malware Cleaner Tool
Ransomware Cleaner
Quick Check Tool
Full System Cleaner Tool.
Adware Cleaner Tool
System Optimization Tool
Neat and Clean Interface
Various scanning Mode
Create your own custom scanning scenario
Protects you against malware, adware, ransomware, and phishing also.
Gives you three shields to reinforce your information security
Prevent programs from adding unwanted startup items
Run PC maintenance and address adware components.
Run quick, full or custom scans to detect malware.

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