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In the distant Russian outback, there lived a rural elderly streamer of games. The name is our main character Valakas, he is 54 years old and from a boring, old life, he began to stream online games on the Internet. Valakas quickly became popular and won the hearts of all Russian players. His beloved granddaughter, named Ralinka, also lived with him.
After Valakas became very popular in 2015, he got very big donations, people loved him and threw money at him. Everything went very well, but in 2015, Valakas suddenly changed and people began to suspect that another person was sitting at the monitor. All of Russia began to worry that Valakas was killed, and his streamer channel was captured by some Denisk, wearing a mask to change his voice. We have to find out what really happened in 2015 and solve this case.

ATTENTION: The game is create by one person, bugs and errors are possible!
All events and heroes are fictional. Any coincidences with reality are random.

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Game Features

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-Excellent facial animation
-Original plot
-Worked out fights, with different opponents and bosses
-Perform various combos for your victory
-Listen carefully to the NPCs for completing assignments.
-Unique Russian flavor and humor
-Hand-crafted locations with many easter eggs


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