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Total Overdose Highly Compressed

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Los Angeles. Spread over dozens of kilometers, the Glorious City of Angels is a metropolis full of everything a person can imagine. A city of joy and three hundred sunny days a year, a city of warm sea, white sand, green palm trees, blue sky and beautiful tanned girls. A city in which five doses of heroin are sold every minute, in which a crime is committed every few seconds, a city in which you can be killed for three dollars and half a bottle of whiskey, in which tourists who are unknowingly in the wrong area are afraid to stop at the traffic lights, and those those who stop – very much later regret their decision. A city as diverse as no other on this planet. Welcome. You live here now.

Game Features:
– True Crime. Streets of LA is a new 3D action in which you have to play the role of Nick Kang – a former cop who returned to service at the request of the local police chief. The goal of a young man full of ambition and inclined to non-standard (for the police) methods of conducting an investigation is to end the outrage of several street gangs and find his father.
– You are waiting for numerous car chases, bloody skirmishes, fierce hand-to-hand fights and a heart-rending sense of freedom on dozens of square kilometers of detailed simulated streets of Los Angeles.
– Many cult hip-hop groups took part in the work on the game: in True Crime. Streets of LA presents 50 original compositions by such youth idols as Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection, Coolio, Damizza, Suga Free, Warren G. and others.


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