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The Godfather 2 Highly Compressed Repack [ 3.6 GB ] Download


The Godfather 2

Download The Godfather 2 Highly Compressed And Download The Godfather 2 Highly Compressed  With All New Dlc Included In It.

Michael Carleone has become New York’s Don, but this is just one step further in building his own criminal empire. In the second part of “Godfather” you will gain more power over illegal business and be able to expand influence by destroying competitors and confiscating new cities. At the expense of the innovative regime of Don’s View you will feel like a criminal syndicate. Build, defend and expand your empire, watch the actions of your competitors, and then the criminal Olympics will stay in your hands for a long time…

Many players who were waiting for Godfather, firmly linked this game with the long-standing hit Mafia. However, in fact, there is no continuity here – apart from the entourage and a bit of plot, they have nothing in common. But to the last parts of Grand Theft Auto, it is much closer, if not more. True, making a worthy clone of GTA on an equal footing is a laborious task. Electronic Arts had a bunch of trump cards: the world-famous novel of Mario Puzo, a cult film with the famous actors and music of Nino Rota, the gangster spirit of New York …

It is a Third person perception based game. Some of the features of the Original game are brought back in this sequel. Godfather II is also action based adventure game. This game contains a special facet Black Hand 2.0 by which a player can grab, hit and Head butt. There are weapons like shotguns, sub-machine guns which have their own specialty and a player can use more advance weapons by attaining licenses. This game also has strategic point of view in which you can expand your family members to protect your empire. You can also rob banks. This game has also multi playing mode through which at a time 16 players can play.

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Features of The Godfather II
Following are the main features of The Godfather II.

Action strategy game.
EA banner game.
deep and mesmerizing story.
based on a Masterpiece movie.
amazing visuals and graphics .
multi player mode upto 16 players.
Vintage weaponry and style.

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