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Murdered Soul Suspect Pc Repack [ 4.3 GB ] Download

Murdered Soul Suspect

Download Murdered Soul Suspect pc Repack and Murdered Soul Suspect Update pc Download is ADDED Now 

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The world of Murdered: Soul Suspect is entangled in a web of secrets and hides many mysteries, everything that happens here has a special meaning for the hero, and it is impossible to get to the evidence by the usual methods. In the role of detective Ronan O’Connor, whose life ended when he met a ruthless killer, players will interact with the twilight world. The soul of Ronan can not rest until justice is accomplished. Achieving justice to the hero will help newfound mystical forces. Let him not be given direct contact with the policemen leading the case of his murder, Ronan can influence them, pushing to certain actions. And even more – now he is able to read the thoughts of the living … Murdered: Soul Suspect – a new word in the genre of adventure action games. After all, this time the players have to reveal the most complex murder – their own.

A unique form of interactivity.
– If the player can collect enough evidence, then Ronan will be able to compare the facts, the reward for which will be another received part of the large mosaic, so twirled in the plot.
– Free penetrate through the walls of buildings, tables, cars and so on. All this opens up a great research potential, and also allows O’Connor to witness quite curious situations.
– Read the thoughts of other characters and even settle in them, in order to uncover an intricate affair or just for fun.
– Communicate with other ghosts and solve their problems for a certain reward.


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