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MonsterInsights Pro v7.7.0 Download – The Best Google Analytics Plugin

MonsterInsights Pro v7.7.0

Download monsterinsights pro download. We Just Updated monsterinsights pro license key 2019.

MonsterInsights Pro – The Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Ease analytics for WordPress. Find out how visitors find and use your site so you can return them. Simply put, get statistics that matter.


Quick installation – I would not say that this is an advantage, it is installed in the same way as all other wordpress plugins in Russian.
Page caching is an ultra-fast loading time needed to improve search engine optimization and increase conversions.
Cache preloading – site indexing is instantly improved.
Database optimization – regular cleaning of garbage.
Removing query strings from static resources – removing query strings from CSS and JS files.
LazyLoad – Images are loaded only as the user scrolls down the page, thereby improving the page loading speed.
Minimization – reduction of CSS, HTML, javascript files – this means faster site loading time.
To postpone JS loading is again a decrease in the site loading time.
Prefetching DNS — Reduce DNS responses from external resources.
Mobile discovery – the user’s transition from a mobile version to a more convenient one for him.
Multilevel compatibility – well, this is a feature for multisites.
E-commerce – useful for online stores on wordpress.
Multilingual compatibility – well, I would argue here. After the first installation of the plugin, it turned out that you still need to translate it.
Connected users – permission to connect users.
Import Export – no comment – import / export data.
Compatibility – clean code – convenient to use for the developer.
White label – links to the developer wp rocket – can be deleted.



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