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Microsoft Windows 7 AIO / Enterprise / Ultimate May 2019 [ 31 in 1 ] With latest updates [ 2019 ]

 Microsoft Windows 7 AIO / Enterprise / Ultimate May 2019 – Windows 7 Ultimate Edition with latest updates [ 2019 ]

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Operating system is the most important software of the computer, and among the operating systems, Windows, which is made by the Microsoft cloud company, is the most popular and most popular. After Microsoft introduced Microsoft’s Windows Vista and the lack of user acceptance from the operating system, Mr. Bill Gates’s developers made improvements to Windows and finished everything. This Windows 7 was named Windows 7. The Windows 8 and 10 versions still show that nearly half of Windows users use Windows 7. Today, Windows 7 comes with the latest update for your loved ones. We are 

Windows 7The name of the company’s most popular operating system is Microsoft, the core of the Windows is taken from Windows NT, and in fact it can be said to be an improved version of Windows Vista. The popular software used by Internet Explorer, Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player Windows 7 has been completely upgraded and its issues and problems have been completely overcome. It is possible to say that Windows Seven is the most popular Windows of the world because over six months, according to Amazon site statistics, more than 100 million copies of this Windows were ordered and more Of the 650 million Windows 7 licensees purchased from this site, this means a seal of approval from users. Yndvz 7 is Microsoft.
Various versions of  Windows 7:

Windows 7 Ultimate

It  is the ultimate version of Windows 7 that has all the other features and can be described as an Enterprise Edition for Home users. Ultimate is the most expensive version of Windows 7 for two basic reasons, namely BitLocker and BitLocker To Go, which most ordinary users do not require all security and networking features. 

Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Enterprise is only available under Volume License and has all the features of Windows 7 Professional with more security and networking features. The features and features that make Enterprise different from Professional are:

Bitlocker: Encrypts data on internal and external disks.

DirectAccess: Connecting to corporate networks without a VPN (VPN)

AppLocker: prevents unauthorized software from running.

BranchCache: Increases the speed of access to large remote files in other branch offices.

Multilingual User Interface: Multilingual User Interface (MUI)

UNIX Application Support: Support for Unix software

The Enterprise version is a specific version of Windows, with a range of audience members. This version is similar in terms of its application with the Ultimate version, but there is a fundamental difference between the two versions, which is that Ultimate is applicable to retail and retail sectors, but Enterprise is only for large companies licensed to use the program. Shared, can be used.

New Features

Progress on touch and handwriting recognition

Supports Virtual Hard Disk

 Improve performance on multi-core processors and improve the core of the operating system

Added Windows PowerShell feature

 Redesign of the machine with support for multi-line capability and the possibility of converting units

 Tremble the windows

 Screen color sensing

 Burn ISO files

 Pin apps to Taskbar

 A new security center

 Run direct audio and video files from another computer

 Sharing operations on home networks

 A new way to view audio and video files

 New magnifying glass

 Recorder step by step problems

 Edit notification range

 Better user interface for computer peripherals

 A simple and fast way to set multiple screenshots

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Image result for windows 7 aio collection

Image result for windows 7 collection

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 Microsoft Windows 7 AIO / Enterprise / Ultimate May 2019 [ 31 in 1 ]  With latest updates [ 2019 ]


Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:18
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:19
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:20
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:21
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:22
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:23
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:24
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:25
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>476.8 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:26
Windows.7.SP1.AIO.31in1..NET.4.8.OEM.ESD.en-US…>241.5 MiB2019-Jun-10 13:27




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