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Mad Max

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Become Mad Max, a lone warrior in the wild post-apocalyptic world, where the key to survival is a car. In this world full of dangers, the action comes from a third person. To survive in the wasteland, you must fight, participating in melee and car battles against gangsters. Max is an unbending hero and a desperate fighter, the only thing he wants is to leave the madness behind and find solace in the legendary “Silent Plain”. Players have to go through many insidious missions, deeper and deeper exploring the vast expanses of the Wasteland in search of supplies and materials for the construction of a faultless and perfect combat vehicle.

“Feel what it means to be Insane Max, – get and improve equipment and weapons to survive in battles where the skills of melee and ranged combat are useful, as well as the ability to think tactically.
“Be careful, the desert is treacherous, surviving here is not easy. Against you and the difficult landscape, and the harsh climate, and gangs armed to the teeth of marauders. In the vast expansive open world, dangers lie in wait at every step.
“Everything is useful – any find will go into use and will be used to improve equipment, weapons and transport. Doing raids on the shelters of hostile groups, you will be able to extract precious resources.
“Become invincible at the wheel of a car, hung with all sorts of weapons. Thanks to realistic physics, no battle will be similar to the previous one.
“Take away the car of your dreams – think, adjust, perfect your fortress on wheels. Choose a body to your liking, equip it with engine, weapons and armor. Only the skilled can survive. 

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