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Lynda.com – Node.js Essential Training Download

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Node.js is a powerful tool for controlling servers, building web applications, and creating event-driven programs. And it takes JavaScript—a language familiar to all web developers—out of the browser. With Node.js, you can build applications that run on your laptop or even the cloud. In this course, learn the essentials of Node.js and start creating your own JavaScript applications. Instructor Alex Banks acquaints you with all of the basics, showing how to install Node.js and work with the Node.js core, which includes standard input, standard output, the module system, the file system, and how to write and run JavaScript on the server. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll be equipped with fundamental Node.js concepts and techniques that you can put to use in your next project.

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Topics include:

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What is Node.js?
Installing Node.js
The global object
Importing the core modules
Creating custom events with the EventEmitter
Reading, writing, and removing files
Working with file streams
Creating child processes with the exec and spawn functions


Lynda – Node.js Essential Training Download

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