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Jack Keane Game Repack [ 726 MB ] Download | RePack by RG Catalyst

Jack Keane (2008) PC Repack

Jack Keane Game Repack [ 726 MB ] Download . Jack Keane (2008) PC Repack [ 726 MB ] Download | RePack by RG Catalyst Torrent

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“Jack Kane” is not the first game from Deck 13, the developer is well known for the Ankh quest. Most likely, the game itself will have something in common with the famous Ankh, who received awards at the German Developer Awards 2005 as the Best German Game, Best Soundtrack and Best Game Sound.
Jack Keane Game Repack The humorous adventura is based on new technologies from Deck 13 and represents the main character named Jack Kane, who finds himself in the center of an unusual and dynamically developing action, full of exoticism and unexpected twists. The plot is based on real events – the story of an English captain sent by the queen on a responsible mission to one of the Indian islands.
Jack Keane (2008) Repack Jack Kane receives the task of picking up a secret agent from Cape Town and delivering him to a mysterious island, the hero agrees to fulfill the order given to him without further questions.
Jack Keane Game Repack Upon arrival on the island, everything suddenly changes dramatically: the secret agent disappears, and Jack’s ship crashes, crashing into the rocks. Jack Kane himself is bound. At first, all Jack really wants is to find his way home, but as he explores the surroundings and meets the inhabitants of the island, he discovers that somewhere there is a mysterious figure hiding everything on the island and conducting terrible experiments. In addition, it turns out that Kane himself is connected with this strange creature and with the past of the island.
Unusual adventures and difficult missions will not let you get bored and tear yourself away from the game. Mysterious places and more than 40 bright characters, sometimes frightening and exciting turns of the storyline – apparently, it was not for nothing that the game was positioned by the developers as something completely new in its genre.
In terms of the difficulty of passing the game, the developers tried to create missions suitable for both beginners and experienced players of the genre. In solving emerging problems, the player is not constrained by time constraints and can spend as much time as needed.


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»Humorous adventura with a lot of unexpected plot twists, challenging puzzles and interesting missions;
»Vivid graphics, exotic landscapes and more than 40 different characters;
»The difficulty of passing is designed for players of various levels from beginners to experienced;
“The plot is based on a real character who lived in England in the 19th century;
»In solving emerging problems the player is not constrained by time constraints and can spend as much time as he needs.

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