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How to Install PS4 Games 2019 Step by Step Tutorial ???

install ps4 games

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Note: You can easily download original game files at the least cost and time from bit download servers, but you need to get the game card from the PlayStation Store to enable it.

How to install ps4 games from PC to PS4

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Here’s the step-by-step tutorial for transferring downloaded files from your PC to your PS4 console. Please follow these instructions to transfer and install games on your game console.

Step 1: Download the PSX Download Helper software and then extract it into the software folder.

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Step 2: Find a file with the .EXE extension and right-click it. Click Run as Adminstrator.

Step 3: After running the program, you will be presented with an IP and port number. Note these two.

install ps4 games

Step 4: As you can see the language of this program is Japanese; to change the language, click on the option with the green icon. From the pop-up window, select the fifth tab and select English as shown below and close the application.

Step 5: Login to the PlayStation Store from the console and then click on the Download button.

Step 6: Exit the PlayStation Store and access the main menu of your game console.

Step 7: From Downloads> Notification you can see the progress of the download. Allow the game to be downloaded up to a few KB, then pause it.

Step 8: Go to Settings> Networks> Set Up Internet Connections and choose Wireless or Cable Internet.

Step 9: Adjust the settings according to Custom mode to get to the Proxy Setting section.

Step 10: In the Proxy section, enter the same IP and Port you noted in Step 3.

Step 11: Next, click Next until the job is done. But in the end, don’t choose the Connection Test option.

Step 12: Run PSX Download Helper again.

Step 13: Then, click on the Connection Test option from your game console to run; all the sections after the test must be Successful and the NAT Type should only be in 1 or 2 mode.

Step 14: Now save all your downloaded game parts in a separate folder.

Step 15: Enter the PSX Download Helper application settings and select Auto Find ReplaceFile to select the folder address made in the previous step.

Step 16: Then, click Apply (at the bottom of the window).

Step 17: Now go back to the game console and continue downloading to get the desired data from your PC at a very fast rate.

Step 18: After the complete data transfer to the console, the game will be automatically installed.

This is what we install ps4 games on All occasions

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