GTA V Flash Script Mod v2.6.8 Download

GTA V Flash Script Mod v2.6.8

GTA V Flash Script Mod v2.6.8 + Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Download And GTA V Flash Script Mod v2.6.8 + Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Download

Description For GTA V Flash script mod (v2.6.8)

v2 Changes:

-Added power selection wheel
-Added hover feature using tornado hands
-Added feature to phase current vehicle (works against peds, objects and vehicles, not walls/trees, yet)
-Added player phase feature
-Added mid air attack
-Added tornado hands attack
-Added “phase to ground” attack
-Added ped grab and thrown attack
-Added ped carry (for rescues)
-Improved tornado attack
-Improved thrown lightning attack
-Improved heart attack
-Improved punch machine attack
-Improved wall ride
-Improved jump and free fall
-Improved trail fx
-Added option in the .ini file to set the Speed for the three speed levels
-Added option to enable/disable extra landing anims
-Added option to enable/disable fall scream
*Obs.: Auto slow motion when running is set to false by default, check mod options menu to enable.

Some changes in controls:

-Hold Q (Controller: Left bumper) to show powers wheel and select powers
-Press E (Controller: Right bumper) to attack with special attacks
-Press X (Controller: Left stick) to carry current targeted ped
-Press T (Controller: DPad Down) to grab current targeted ped, press Left mouse button (Controller: Right bumper) to thrown him, run and throw for more caos
-Press Control (Controller: DPad left) to toggle Walk mode On/Off
-Press Jump and then press Jump again to toggle the Tornado Hands hover feature On/Off
-For Tornado Hands attack you must hold E (Controller: Right bumper) to keep the attack

-To perform air attack: Jump, set target and then press Left mouse button (Controller: Right bumper)

Required Tools :

-NIBSHDotNet and the NIBMods Menu:

Download Here

Check the “Installation and instructions.txt” file for more info about
required windows packages, installation guide, tutorials, game crash fixes, etc.


Download Here

-OpenIV and OpenIV.asi may be needed too (to edit RPF files, add peds, etc.)

Download Here


GTA 5 UFUSE Trainer V X5

Flash Script Mod 



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