GTA V Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Mod Download

GTA V Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Download

GTA V Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Mod Download And GTA V Flash Script Mod v2.6.8 + Arrowverse DLC 1.6 Download

Description For Arrowverse DLC 1.6

All Arrowverse characters at one place.

What is it?
The DLC which unites all current Arrowverse themed skins by our team in the new pack, provided with simple installer.
The DLC also has special script to load the characters from the menu, divided from AddonPeds menu, keeping the option to load them through JulioNIB mods menu.

What does it include?
The Flash S1-5, Savitar in damaged Flash suit, The Flash 2024 (the version first made by our team and based of CW The Flash S2 skin from mobile version of IGAU); Barry Allen unmasked (S1-4) and with different casual clothes, full Savitar Barry look and season 4 “out of Speed Force” bearded face variation;
The Flash with Tachyon Device from S2E18;
Wally West as Kid Flash (masked and unmasked), as The Flash from season 4 (masked and unmasked) and with casual clothes;
Reverse Flash in 2 versions: glowing and normal eyes and optional textures;
Zoom and Black Flash;
Jay Garrick (Earth 2 and Earth 3);
The Rival;
Savitar (original blue and The Flash red);
Green Arrow (Season 5-7);
Earth X characters (Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Dark Flash);
Elseworlds characters (Elseworlds Flash, Elseworlds Arrow and Batwoman).

Models Feature:
Fully Rigged.
Facial Animation (not for all characters)
High quality of texture.
Extra Level of Detail (LODs).
Visible Damages – Bleed.
Special maps effect.
Custom YMT.

How to install and use:
Install it using the OpenIV’s package installer, click install and you can play!

Open the menu to load the characters, the default key is F11, you can change it in the CWDLCMenu.ini inside script folder.
You can also load them from JulioNIB mods menu.

By pressing the right arrow key while using some character you enable random phrase (currently not for all the characters).

1.6 – Comeback update. Includes plenty of new skins: The Flash Season 5, Cicada, Earth-X characters (Dark Arrow, Dark Flash and Overgirl), Elseworlds characters (body swaped Flash and Green Arrow, Batwoman). Improved Black Flash texture, added voice pack.
1.5+ – Zoom update: highly improved textures, added more phrases for VoicePlayer.
1.5 – Added Arrow and Supergirl.
1.4 – Added new version of Season 4 from mobile version of Injustice 2, masked and unmasked, (the previous version kept as 2024 variation of the suit).
1.3.1 – Fixed the hotkey of voice script (in 1.3 by mistake it was E, now it right arrow key.) update the special maps of Flash 2024, Wally Flash, Reverse Flash.
1.3 – Added voice for the characters.
1.2.1 – Added new maps to 2024 for better effect on belt, Fixed little thing on 2024 suit (Masked), Flash season 1 was not available, now it fixed.
1.2 – Added the new version of Barry Allen (include Flash).
1.1 – Fixed few ini for flash script.


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