GTA 5 The Army Spawns at Five Stars v1.3.4 Mod Download

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GTA 5 The Army Spawns at Five Stars v1.3.4 Mod

GTA 5 The Army Spawns at Five Stars v1.3.4 Mod Download | GTA 5 The Army Spawns at Five Stars v1.3.4 Mod Download


Support for this mod has ended.

This mod makes the army come after the player when the player has five stars.

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What’s new in 1.3.4:
-Added lazers to chase the player when they are in a plane or helicopter
-Tweaked tank spawning and behavior (again)
-Added a personalized version for Yard1 as a thank you
-Fixed issues with some antivirus programs
-Fixed tanks not spawning when in a stolen tank

-sourcecode.txt (2)

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How to install:
-Install Script Hook by Alexander Blade then drag the “Tank.asi” file to the main GTA V directory. (For tanks spawning)
-Drag in the “Lazer.asi” file. (For lazers spawning)
-Pick a version. Standard or with Better Police Spawning. Standard only adds the army at five stars. With Better Police Spawning incorporates the Better Police Spawning mod found here:
-Use OpenIV to replace “dispatch.meta” in update>update.rpf>common>data
(For the rest of the army)
Install guide:

-The army now hunts you down at five stars
-Lazers spawn when in a helicopter or plane
-Tanks spawn randomly throughout the map
-Police cars are replaced with army jeeps
-Police roadblocks are replaced with barracks
-Police helicopters are replaced with savages
-The army is marked with red dots

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Known Issues:
-Occasional odd tank spawn (Spawning is random, there can be error at times)

You may modify, and use code from this program without my permission. I feel providing source code allows the modding community to grow. You may re-upload this without my permission on any other site but this one. I only request that you credit me when you do.

Change Log:
Originally as “Tanks Spawn at Five Stars”:
-Original release, made tanks spawn
-Edited how tanks spawn
-Fixed tank blips
Currently as “The Army Spawns at Five Stars”:
-Made the army spawn in addition of tanks
-Removed dinghy boats due to spawning issues
-Combined the mod with Yard1’s Better Police Spawning
-Fixed tanks staying after death
-Updated the version with Better Police Spawning to the current version of Better police Spawning
-Fixed tanks spawning in mid air
-Added Lazers
-Tweaked tanks
-Added a version for Yard1

-Plastic Tangerine for main coding
-Alexander Blade for scripthook and parts of code from his trainer
-Yard1 on LCPDFR for Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning
-Krakenous for the idea
-Various community members for suggestions and error reports


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