GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved October Update Download [ 1.6 GB ]

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GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved October Update Download

GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved October Update Download [ 1.6 GB ]


GTA 5 NaturalVision Evolved October Update  – GTA 5 NaturalVision Remastered by Razed – You can’t talk about GTA mods without paying respects to all the coders out there tirelessly attempting to make Los Santos look as breathtakingly beautiful as possible. There’s literally hundreds of graphics enhancement mods available for GTA 5, but NaturalVision Remastered, which only came out a few months ago, is the current champion when it comes to raw “phwoar” power.

GTA V is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The title originally launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 with current-gen versions launching one year later. Rockstar Games released the title for PC in 2015. The title has sold more than 130 million copies worldwide and is the highest-grossing, single entertainment title of all time.

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A new GTA V NaturalVision Evolved comparison video has surfaced, comparing the vanilla version of Rockstar’s insanely popular title with the modded version.

Earlier this month we reported on a new version of the NaturalVision Evolved Mod alongside a new trailer that showcased the changes in the new version.

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Currently only available for Patrons, the NaturalVision Evolved mod is a stunning work-in-progress visual overhaul mod that is currently in the early access stage. It packs numerous changes to the environmental weather, lighting system, ambient colors, tonemapping, world textures, building models and much more to make GTA V look like a next-gen remaster.

Offering 4K resolutions and a complete overhaul of Rockstar’s original aesthetic, the mod was designed “to make GTA 5 look visually similar to Southern California in real life.” To be honest, the results look better than real life SoCal ever could. NaturalVision pushes Los Santos out of the realm of uncanny valley and into a level of graphical fidelity that redefines the very definition of what it means to be photorealistic.

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“The new update for NaturalVision Remastered is now available for download,” says mod creator Razed. “Thank you for supporting this project. Your feedback and comments have kept me motivated over the past two years.

Update notes

New Add-On: Weapon Overhaul Pack
New Add-On: Brighter Vehicle Tail Lights
New Add-On: Trash Modifier
New Add-On: Disable Wet Roads Effect
New Add-On: Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
ENB Config: Updated the ENB version and tweaked settings. Now includes Skylighting, SSAO and SSIL effects
ReShade Preset: Updated certain shaders and tweaked settings

NaturalVision Evolved is coming early 2020!

– Highly ambitious project
– In development for more than one year
– Multiple developers with different roles
– Lighting and weathers completely reworked
– Includes numerous features never seen before
– Tons of bug fixes and much more

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