Farmer’s Dynasty (2019 ) RePack [ 5.08 GB ]

Farmer's Dynasty (2019 ) RePack

Download Farmer’s Dynasty (2019 ) RePack and Another Farmer’s Dynasty (2019 ) pc [ 5.08 GB ] is ADDED Now .

FARMER’S DYNASTY is a completely new gaming experience combining realistic imitation with elements of role-playing games and classic farm simulators.

Remember the good old days when you visited grandfather on a farm? When did you ride a tractor with him in the fields and helped in the work? You are now back at your farm. Over the years, there have been many worries in the city, but you have never forgotten about rural life. All this time you cherished the dream of rebuilding the grandfather’s farm and starting your own dynasty. It’s time to implement it!

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Live, build, grow! You will find a unique simulator of a farmer, builder and just a person who moved to the village!
Carry out repairs! You will have to repair leaking roofs and stables, update the facades and independently choose furniture in the house.
Interact with the open world and gain social points! Remember to help other people, because friendliness always pays off. Who knows, maybe you will find a life partner for yourself? And there, and not far to the kids!
Complete challenging tasks and enjoy the countryside scenery while fishing or around the campfire.
Drive agricultural machinery and tractors! It depends only on your economist’s vein whether you will work on a decrepit and falling apart tractor or on the miracle of modern technology.
Your faithful drone will help to see the farm from a bird’s eye view!
Plant vegetables and harvest crops, take care of animals and sell farm products! There is always plenty of work – not in the greenhouse, so in the stable, not in the stable – so in the field!

Farmer's Dynasty (2019 ) RePack
SERVER 1 [ Farmer’s Dynasty (2019 ) RePack ]


Farmer’s Dynasty PC GAME RePack [ 5.08 GB ]
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