Far Cry v1.4 (2004) Repack [ 2.4 GB ] Download

Far Cry v1.4 (2004) Repack

Far Cry v1.4 (2004) Repack [ 2.4 GB ] Download . We Just Update Far Cry v1.4 (2004) Repack [ 2.4 GB ] Download Repack Torrent

Far Cry v1.4 (2004) Repack [ 2.4 GB ] Download  You are Jack Carver, the owner of a small charter company that rents boats in the tropical state of Micronesia. Your dark past is left behind, and the future promises only pleasure – you get the task to accompany the young ambitious journalist Valerie Konstantin to the island of Kabat. At first glance, work is nowhere simpler, but soon you realize that paradise can turn into hell at any moment.

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Features of the repack:
Nothing is cut / converted to a lower bitrate (Repacked license)
The game is patched, to version 1.4
Installation time – 10 minutes
Installation of add. Software: DirectX
Author RGSpieler

Features of patch 1.4:
Added remakes of maps for Assault mode;
Security holes fixed;
Added support for joysticks;

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Operating system : Windows XP
Processor : AMD Duron 1000 + / Intel Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
Memory : 256 MB
Video card : nVidia GeForce 3 Ti / ATI Radeon 8xxx
Audio card : Any
Free space on the HDD : 4
DVD drive : 8x

@@@ Apparently you have a 64bit system, you need to download these patches @@@

1.farcry_amd64upgrade_us_uk.exe (at least this one)

Download From Here

2.farcry_amd64_ecu.exe (this add-on)

Download From Here

W7x64 installation:

1) the image in Daemon -> install (4 min.) After filling in the installation schedule, the bootloader will ask for DirectX 9 installation, but its window will not be visible behind the game installation window (call up the tray icon) – I had this
2) install the farcry_amd64_ecu
3 patch ) install the farcry_amd64update_us_uk patch
launching the icon (Far Cry 64-bit) on the desktop (located in the Bin64 folder)
everything (saving too) works


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