Dead Rising v1.0.1.0 (2016) Repack [ 2.30 GB ] Download + HotFix


Dead Rising v1.0.1.0

Dead Rising v1.0.1.0 (2016) Repack [ 2.30 GB ] Download + HotFix and Another Dead Rising v1.0.1.0 (2016) Repack [ 2.30 GB ] Download + HotFix Torrent.

Frank West, a freelance photojournalist, received an interesting tip and went to a small town in search of sensation. But it turned out that the town is teeming with zombies! Frank took refuge in a local shopping center, deciding that it would be safe there, but he was cruelly mistaken. It is not easy to survive in an endless stream of zombies, but Frank has a whole mall at his disposal. Anything can be used to combat the carnivorous mob, revealing the secret of a nightmare epidemic along the way.

In this fast-paced horror game, you’ll discover what a real shopping hell is! In Dead Rising, time goes by no matter where Frank is and what he does. For example, if zombies walk slowly during the day, then after sunset they become much faster, and it is not easy to survive the night. Crowds of enemies go in endless waves, and the zombies in them are very different. Former people retained part of their memories of a past life, which was reflected in their appearance and behavior. In the stores of the shopping center you can find a variety of resources: transport, homemade weapons, etc. Also in the shopping center you can meet other survivors, and meeting them will shed light on what happened.

Game features

Vast spaces – both inside and outside the shopping center are full of various places for research.
Swarm technology – an unprecedented number of enemies may appear on the screen at the same time, which makes the battles exciting and endless.
Bloody scenes and creepy realism.
Everything in the shopping center is at Frank’s disposal.
You can move umbrellas, benches and other objects.
As a weapon, you can use the goods: golf clubs, lawn mowers, pans, etc.
Health needs to be restored with food from the shopping center.
Real-time system – key plot moments occur in certain places, regardless of where Frank is located. Do not miss important events!
Frank’s photojournalistic skills – a nightmare can be filmed, and the better the picture, the greater the reward for it.
NPCs – help players get through the captured zombie shopping center.
Reveal the secret – why did all the inhabitants of the city become zombies?
Storage system – cells for saving data has become 5.
Support for controllers – the game can be played on controllers from the Xbox 360 / Xbox One and Playstation DualShock 4, for the buttons of which there are corresponding icons.
Resolution settings – 4K and higher.
Variable frame rate – not limited, support for monitors with Nvidia G-SYNC technology at 144 Hz.
You can change the keyboard and mouse settings.
The game has been translated into Russian.

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