Crysis 2 Maximum Edition v1.9 Repack [ 6.59 GB ] Download

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition v1.9 Repack

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition v1.9 Repack [ 6.59 GB ] Download | Repack by qoob . We Just Update Crysis 2 Maximum Edition v1.9 Repack [ 6.59 GB ] Download | Repack by qoob Torrent

The world was shocked by a series of environmental disasters, and humanity is on the verge of extinction. The aliens returned with the firm intention of wiping people off the face of the earth and began with one of the most iconic earth cities. The streets of New York are flooded with alien invaders, and a wave of reviving nightmares gradually overwhelms the city and its inhabitants. City communications systems are destroyed, buildings are in ruins. You have not seen such a New York. Neither law enforcement organizations, nor the US military machine can cope with the invaders, and everyone who did not have time to escape on time is already dead. To survive in this chaos, you will need technologies that no earthly soldier has a clue about. One person will inherit what helps him survive. One super-soldier, armed and equipped with the latest technology of the future in Nanosuit 2,

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Game Features:
▪ New York, NY: at one time, Crysis® set a fairly high quality standard for computer games. Crysis 2 for computers and game consoles raises this bar to new heights. Welcome to New York.
▪ Inventive aliens and AI: at your service is the world’s most inventive artificial intelligence with the ability to coordinate the behavior of entire groups of characters and realistic reactions to your actions.
▪ Nanosuit 2: change real-time battle tactics by customizing your Nanosuit and weapons, and your super-soldier will gain more and more new abilities.
▪ Collective game: now in the world famous collective action movie from Crytek UK studio all the features of Nanosuit 2 are also available in collective game mode. Thanks to the virtually unlimited possibilities of Nanosuit technology, battles will become even more interesting and dynamic.

Features of Maximum Edition:
▪ Bonus experience – will be available to the main and created classes.
▪ Scar rifle coloring – digital camouflage for Scar assault rifle.
▪ Modification for weapons – early access to the holographic trap for the Scar rifle.
▪ Unique Platinum Token – displays your rank and statistics in a Multiplayer game.
▪ 9 additional maps for all Multiplayer game modes.
▪ 2 new types of weapons – Assault rifle FY71 and Smoke grant M18.

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