Call of Juarez Bound in Blood v1.1.0.0 Repack [ 1.78 GB ] Download


Call of Juarez Bound in Blood v1.1.0.0 Repack

Call of Juarez Bound in Blood v1.1.0.0 Repack [ 1.78 GB ] Download . Call of Juarez Bound in Blood v1.1.0.0 Repack [ 1.78 GB ] Download Torrent

Game Description
Call of Juarez Bound in Blood v1.1.0.0 Repack – Gold robs people of their minds, makes them dizzy and destroys any bonds, including blood ones. You have to experience the captivating power of its brilliance in the game Call of Juarez: Ties of Blood. Together with the McCall brothers, you will go on an exciting and deadly journey from the civil war-ravaged state of Georgia to the Aztec ruins in Mexico. At the end of the journey you will find a reward – ancient Native American treasures. However, the one who chases after gold, death often overtakes before he finds his Eldorado. 1864 year. Wild West. In search of the legendary Aztec gold, Thomas and Ray McCall set off from their native Georgia, devastated by the Civil War, to Mexico. The law is nothing to them: without hesitation, the brothers will kill anyone who gets in their way. But is the blood bond really strong if countless wealth and female love are at stake? Players are waiting for the unconquered expanses of the prairies, horseback riding, in a van and canoe, classic adventures and villains. A huge arsenal of firearms, as well as various skills, including a unique skill of concentration, will help to survive in deadly battles.

Game Features
√ Blood Brotherhood. Embark on a journey as Ray or Thomas. One brother prefers melee weapons and masterfully handles a lasso, the other hits from afar and knows a lot about explosives. Whatever you choose, you will need help – only by combining the abilities of two brothers, you can survive in the Wild West.
√ Virtuoso shooting. At your disposal is a huge arsenal, consisting of heavy guns, machine guns and miscellaneous pistols. The more accurately you shoot, the stronger the concentration of the hero increases. After making a series of well-aimed shots, you will turn the character into a perfect killing machine, and when you join forces with your brother, you will form an indestructible duet.
√ Real Wild West. Thanks to the perfectly selected scenery, you will feel like a hero of the best westerns. You will find a saloon drowning in tobacco smoke, an Indian village lost in the woods, the Arizona desert, giant cotton plantations and a real ghost town.
√ Network battles in the spirit of the era. Take part in exciting collective modes. You will be able to both fight for the achievement of a specific goal, and just fight for your life. The more enemies you kill, the more your head will be valued!

If the game crashes after the introductory video, then go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Select your sound device with the right mouse button and select properties -> Advanced -> Select 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Recording).

How to play multiplayer:
1. Download & Launch Tunngle (recommended) or Hamachi and enter the players room.
2. Launch the game.

Network game -> Local network -> Search for a game -> Select a server and connect.
Creating a server:
Network game -> Local area network -> Creating a game -> Specify server settings -> Start the game -> Wait for someone to connect.

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