Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox Jtag/RGH / ISO Download [ 3.02 GB ]

Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox Jtag/RGH / ISO

Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox Jtag/RGH / ISO Download [ 3.02 GB ] Download And Bully Scholarship Edition Xbox Jtag/RGH / ISO Download [ 3.02 GB ]

Naturally, most of the typical GTA-like content has been modified to fit the high school setting. Violence is still present: Jimmy can strike with his arms and legs against anyone he meets, and also use various (non-lethal) weapons, such as slingshots, fire crackers and even home-made weapons. You can’t steal cars, but Jimmy can steal and ride bicycles. Missions include various styles of gameplay: chases, races, sequences similar to shooters, escort missions, espionage, random acts of vandalism and much more.
Bully (Hooligan) is the story of one Jimmy Hopkins, whose academic success was not something impressive, since he was expelled from various schools. His parents have a great idea to send him to Bullworth Academy, in which, despite her big name, many other children live, such as Jimmy. This is the place where future dictators, killers and crazy scientists live. With the help of a few friends, wisely and fists, Jimmy must survive for a year at Bullworth Academy.
Often described as “GTA in high school,” the game really has a lot in common with the well-known series of car thefts. It has a sandbox environment, which covers not only the vast territory of the high school, but also the nearby town of Bullworth. As in GTA games, the player can choose to complete missions in a different order or simply move around the game world, interacting with the environment and characters.

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Bully has many activities and mini-games that can be accessed outside of missions. Jimmy can just attend classes and study. Each class is built as a mini-game: for example, a language lesson includes compiling as many words as possible from several given letters for a certain period of time. You can find, buy and wear different clothes, get a job and earn money, and even meet with classmates and buy gifts for them. (FB) Game information Release year: 2008 Genre: Action Region: PAL Developer: Rockstar Vancouver and Rockstar New England Publisher: Rockstar Games Interface language: Russian Firmware:

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