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    Batman Anthology Repack [ 101 GB ] Download

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    Batman Anthology Repack [ 101 GB ] Download and Another Batman Anthology Repack [ 101 GB ] Download Repack Torrent

    Batman Anthology Repack – Batman’s secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy American playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. Batman originated from an incident in Bruce’s childhood; after witnessing the murder of his parents Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, he swore vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Bruce trains himself physically and intellectually and crafts a bat-inspired persona to fight crime.

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    Batman operates in the fictional Gotham City with assistance from various supporting characters, including his butler Alfred, police commissioner Jim Gordon, and vigilante allies such as Robin. Unlike most superheroes, Batman does not possess any inhuman superpowers. He does, however, possess a genius-level intellect, is a peerless martial artist, and his vast wealth affords him an extraordinary arsenal of weaponry and equipment. A large assortment of villains make up Batman’s rogues gallery, including his nemesis, the Joker.

    The character became popular soon after his introduction in 1939 and gained his own comic book title, Batman, the following year. As the decades went on, different interpretations of the character emerged. The late 1960s Batman television series used a camp aesthetic, which continued to be associated with the character for years after the show ended. Various creators worked to return the character to his dark roots, culminating in 1986 with The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. The success of Warner Bros. Pictures’ live-action Batman feature films have helped maintain the character’s prominence in mainstream culture.


    This Batman Arkham Collection Anthology Includes

    Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Repack [ 1.7 GB ]

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    Batman Arkham Knight Premium Edition v1.6.2.0 Repack [ 27 GB ] + All DLCs

    Batman Arkham Origins The Complete Edition + Cold, Cold Heart DLC Repack [ 8 GB ]

    Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition Repack [ 4.3 GB ] + Joker & Prey in the Darkness DLCs

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    Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Repack [ 11.2 GB ]

    Batman The Telltale Series Shadows Edition Repack [ 6 GB ]

    Batman The Enemy Within The Telltale Series Shadow Edition Download

    Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Repack [ 8 GB ] Download

    Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Update 12 Repack [ 31.8 GB ] + All DLCs


    Cricket Games Anthology Pc Download


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