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AntiWinBlock v.3.1 FINAL Win7PE Update 15.03.2016 (RUS)

This software complex is designed to “cure” a Windows operating system. It will help both beginner and experienced users to restore the system. It can be used both via USB and CD / DVD. The disk collection contains custom programs to combat viruses.

AntiWinBlock Composition:

Plop Boot Manager – Universal Bootstrap. Useful for those who cannot boot from USB. 

Memtest 5.01 – Diagnostic of Operative Diseases. 

DOS-utilites HDD DaRTs – Utility to diagnose hard drives. 

Video Memory Stress Test v1.21- Video Card Strength Testing Program. 

PC-Check v6.21 – Professional software for computer diagnostics and testing. 

Kon-Boot 1.1 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4 – Enable Windows bypass password. 

Process Explorer v16.03 Rus – System profiling software. 

AutoRuns 11.70 Rus – Auxiliary program for embedding various programs in automatic mode. 

AVZ – Designed for finding and removing SpyWare and AdWare modules.

Windows Unlocker 2.0 – System 

Blocker WinLekar – Restore system settings after virus removal. 

AntlWInLocker 4.14 – Removal of Operating System Block Trojan. WinLock’s. 

Universal Virus Sniffer 3.8x – Detection and destruction of unknown viruses. 

Dr.Web Scanner Portable – Portable version of the famous antivirus software. 

ElcomSoft System Recovery 3.0 – Passwords in Windows Records. 

Total Commander 8.51а – The most powerful and stable file manager for Windows. 

Volkov NTFSdos v1.5 Russian – русский analog analog program CIA Commander. Allows access to slot machines, edit registry, download files and folders to NTFS / FAT32 hot disk.

QuickTech Professional v5.9 – Professional diagnostics software that checks and monitors system components, functions and peripherals. 

Video Memory Stress Test v1.21 – Программа тестирования видеопамяти. 

PassPass v1.2 by Sherlock – Windows software. 

Windows Repair (All In One) – a tool that removes all bug fixes from a Windows issue, includes registry fixes and resolved files, and fixes problems with Windows Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer, Internet browsing, Firewall and many others. 

AntiSMS Tool – Software for the treatment of bloating and bloating.

CMOS De-Animator v2.1 – Disable CMOS RAM. 

CMOS Manager v1.2 – Backup, restore, BIOS backup. 

Active @ Password Changer 6.0 – 

Reset Windows Password v2.1, Reset Windows 8 and 8.1 Reset Windows Password v2.1 Rus – Reset Windows Password v2.1. 

UserManager v1.0.1.4201 – Redaktirovani xweйств ուսтных entries, as parole. 

NTPWEdit – What programs do you have for Windows system families? 

WindowsGate – Overview checks the guest system logs. 

Razblocker – Unblock the registry. 

LockOFF – Unblockable Registrar. 

WinLekar – Investigation of recent virus attacks.

FAV – Correction Systemы After Virus. 

Auto Runs – AutoShare Manager. 

Startup Manager 2.0 – AutoShare Manager. 

ВHORemover – Distance of Turbulence. 

Piriform Defraggler – Defragmenter for all hard disk drives or partitions 

BlueScreenView v1.51 – Scan and scan information and record information. 

Bios Beep Codes v0.1 – Desktop Audio Signal BIOS 

KeyboardTest v2.2- Test Keyboard 

LSPFix Winsock 2 – Utility Scanner. 

Random’s System Information Tool – allow for a fixed period of time. 

Monitor Tester v2.0.1 – Test Monitor. 

Services RE – Customer Service

Explorer ++ – Expandable Possibilities. 

RegFromApp – Utility to analyze modified 

Unlocker Registry – Allow uninstallation of WinSnap files 

– Utility to save selected – Invoke 

Killer 4 / Processor Script (Prt.2) (запускается: Ctr + Shift + ~) 

HostsFileReader – Reset, edit editor Hail HOST. 

TestDisk – Utilities Upgrade. 

AutorunOff – Настройка автозапуска. 

Panda USB Vaccine – Pre-specified dual block lock code, expandable USB memory stick. 

Anti Autorun 7 – Software to download your virus from an autorun virus.

Autorun Killer Ak47 – Удаляет файл autorun.inf on all discs. Запускается с Total Commander. 

MultiBoot – BootSectGui 

BootSectGui – BootSect.exe BootSect Graphics 

BootTect – BootSect Redactor. 

WinNTSetup3 – Универсальное решение для установки практически любой системы под iz-in WinPE 

ImDisk – Создание ÑãóùåíêàÂàиÍêÀ монтирование виртуального диска привода iz образа 

Driver for in Export of PE – Позволяет создавать резервную копию драйверов the Windows 

of AltDesk v1.9 – Запуск неактивных окон 

Опера – Интернет браузер 

FABS on AutoBackup 4 Tech – Backup 

Symantec Ghost – Backup Copy and Disk Backup.

Ghost Explorer – Promoter archive, created GHOST. 

Drive Letter Changer v1.1 Rus – 

Acronis True Image Home 2014 – Backup Disk and Disk Backup. 

MiniTool Power Data Recovery TECH 6.8 Rus – 

MiniTool Partition Wizard SERVER 8.1.1 Rus – Software to Disable 

MSDaRT v8.1 x86 Disk Detection Software – Windows 

Operating System 

Resurrection Windows 7 (x32)

Plugin Total Commander: 

Registry v 5.2 – RedDetect Registry 

Editor – Disk Detector Read 

DiskInternals Reader – Other 

Non-Stop Copy System v1.04 – Copy Disk File 

Environment Variables Ex version 1.0 – Pro 

UnInstaller v1.8.1- Remote Control Software 

Back2Lite forTC 2.5 – Remote Control File 

7zip Plugin – 

Imagine Archiver v1.0.9 – Promoter 

Graphics Defined VisualDirSize v1.2 Graphic Designer

Driver LAN (Memory card) 

Driver HDD and USB3.0 (hot disk and flash drive)

DOS Uses HDD DaRTs: 

Volkov Commander – файловый منджер, Windows and MS-DOS Workstation. 

Victoria – Standardized Double Testing, Diagnostics and Servicing Software IDE and Serial ATA Winchester. 

MHDD – What is the only free software download through the diagnostics hard disk drive. 

HDAT2 – software for both testing and diagnostic disk. Basic MHDD and Victoria Primary Synchronization: Practical Power Disk Support with ATA / ATAPI / SATA, SSD, SCSI and USB Interfaces. 

VIVARD – What is available and available in HDD Diagnostics software. 

HDD Regenerator – What is a unique software program that regenerates damaged physical CDs.

SpinRite – Utility for testing, servicing and downloading on hot disk drive. 

TestDisk – a program for downloading disk space or resizing a disk drive. 

Active @ UNERASER – Effective for both DOS and Windows, upgraded filesystems on FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. 

Active @ Partition Recovery – a program that installs disaster recovery software after viral attack and a system failure. 

Mbrwork – is filling in the split boards. 

DiskPatch – What is a professional training session, a training session, a training session (table break). 

Hard Disk Sentinel- Utility for both monitoring and control.

WDIdle – a program for downloading hotkeys on a hot disk drive. 

DMDE – Software for downloading and downloading disks. 

DRevitalize – What a program, how to regenerate a physical injury CD. 

FAR – file manager, running Windows and MS-DOS.


AntiWinBlock v.3.1 FINAL Win7PE Update 15.03.2016 (RUS)

Password for archive: file.ge 



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